Refrigerator Alarm (FAD 022)

The Refrigerator Alarm Device (Fridge Talker) just plugs on the telephone line and temperature sensors go to fridge and freezer. The device calls you when refrigerator mulfunctions, before the goods go bad. Needs one phone call to set up. No batteries needed. Optional - power line monitoring and door condition monitoring, suggested for industrial refrigerators. Optional - Operations Center PC Station and Software to supervise multiple refrigerators from not operating properly, a must for companies that have many point of sales for refrigerated goods.

Commads that can be given to the Device through the phone are:

  • Change Pasword
  • Change Calling Telephone Numbers
  • Change Calling Telephone Number Prefix
  • Change Temperature Limits for Fridge
  • Change Temperature limits for Freezer


Refrigerator Alarm

Full description of Refrigerator Alarm Device (PDF 1,7MB)