Vehicle Location Monitor and Alarm (VAD)

Vehicle Location Monitor Alarm

The Vehicle location monitor and Alarm Device (VAD), called GlobeTracker, installs in vehicle and includes GPS and GSM module. Theft alarm when set, reports immediately the location of the vehicle. Also when vehicle enters and/or exits specified areas alarm may be programmed to occur. Gets powered from Car's 12V battery but also has its own backup battery. Programmed by sending to the Locator Device SMS messages while traveling. Reports and Alarms are received from the Locator Device with SMS messages. Operations Center PC Station with GSM phone and Software, called GlobeTrack Center, supervises one or more vehicles. The Software collaborates with Microsoft MapPoint Software to display info on map and can create your own GIS. Can be used for Fleet Managment where GPRS and Internet access is not appropriate. Optional - RF module to download all data from the Device's memory when car return to base, thus reducing the communications cost of the SMSs.

GlobeTrack is a system for monitoring the movements of a fleet of vehicles as well as the condition on the vehicles. The system consists of:

  1. GlobeTrack Center, a computer based, command dispatching center with database support and interactive mapping environment, and
  2. GlobeTracker Devices placed on the vehicles that accept and execute commands send from the GlobeTrack Center and relay position and other sensory information to the GlobeTrack Center.


Microprocessor based device with memory and GPS (Global Positioning System).

It communicates with the GlobeTrack Center with a GSM modem using SMS (Short Messages) and/or RF-Transceiver when in proximity to the GlobeTrack Center.

It operates on 12V DC power received from the vehicle but it includes its own power block and a backup battery as well as.

Different sensors can be interfaced to the tracker device such as temperature sensors using Dallas 1-wire protocol.

The Tracker has different settings that can be changed by the Center, and those are:

  • the frequency of sending automatic updates to the Cente, without the Center requesting (Update Interval)
  • the frequency of storing updates on the Tracker’s local memory for possible later downloading. (History Interval)
  • the Center’s calling number that the tracker reports to.
  • the Tracker’s password.
  • The distance tolerance (due to GPS inaccuracy) for the Tracker to be considered unmoved (currently implemented).
  • Alarm zones where the Center will be notified if the Tracker enters them (currently implemented).

Currently, for GPS device a module from TFAC is used, while for the GSM modem a module from Wavecom is used. For the RF communication a transceiver from Aurel is used while spread spectrum modules are under consideration.

GlobeTrack Center

  • Displays on maps, using Microsoft MapPoint, (a) the main screen that shows the last position of all active vehicles, and (b) the history screen where the path of a specified vehicle through a selected time period is shown. Since MapPoint is used, different data can be added on the maps and GIS systems can be implemented.
  • Communicates with the GlobeTracker Devices (users) using a GSM modem through SMS (Short Messages) and/or RF-Transceiver when in proximity to the GlobeTracker vehicles. The GSM modem and/or the RF-Transceiver interface with the GlobeTrack Center computer though a serial (RS-232) port.
  • Keeps database with the settings of all the GlobeTrackers, as well as, all the different positioning and sensory data received from the vehicles.

Can change the settings on the Trackers using SMS messages or RF communication.

Guaranties Protection with the use of passwords and specific telephone numbers.

On the main screen, on the right side, there are the control buttons for the operator of the system. On the upper part, some users are selected where some action will be applied to them. The Information button displays the information that the Center keeps about the settings of that user in its database. With the buttons , Update interval, history interval, calling cumber and password, the specified parameters can be modified on the selected users by communicating with them. Also reqesting info from a selected user, communicates the settings of that user to the Center. The Update Location communicates the current location of the user to the Center.

The bottom window communicates information from the memory of the Tracker system to the Center. The Number of Location Points to be restored, communicates points starting from a specific point, where the “0” point is the most recent point. Up to 10 points (locations with time and date) can be packed in one SMS message. If more are requested, then analogous number of messages is sent.

SnapShots from the GlobeTrack operation

On Figure 1,2,3 we see main screen snapshots and on Fig 4 we see a history screen snapshot.

Four Trackers (users) are entered into the system as shown on the upper right window on all figures. 

Vehicle location monitor and Alarm Device
A piece of map is selected that shows one user and also the Setup menu is shown.


Vehicle Location Monitor and Alarm
A piece of the map is selected with the Setup>Configuration>Debug Communication part of the menu is selected. That opens another window where the transmitted and received messages to and from the users are shown


Vehicle location monitor and Alarm Device
It's a history window, where one user is selected and points are displayed during a period of time. A piece of the map is shown where some points are contained.